Zahra Finds True Happiness After Panic Attacks, Addiction, and Divorce

How Talk Therapy and Meditation Transformed One Woman’s Life. 

Key Results for Zahra

Conquered panic attacks and achieved a natural recovery from addiction.

Began healing from divorce, resulting in improved relationships. 

Released restrictive beliefs to embrace her truth. 

Enhanced mental presence for her kids, anchored in inner peace. 

Zahra Was on the Brink of a Nervous Breakdown

Zahra had just gotten divorced. Engaged at 18, she spent most of her youth unhappily married, raising  two young children in a highly restrictive Muslim community.

“I was losing my marriage and the picture I  had of what my marriage was going to look like.”  

She was also beginning to question her religion. This created friction in her relationships. Grappling with  isolation, she fell into a new relationship that didn’t feel right or align with her values.  

 I was having anxiety attacks. I did see a couple of therapists… but I just didn’t feel like I could open up.

A sudden back injury led her down a dark path: painkiller addiction.

I was a single mom, I had kids, and  I couldn’t go into a rehab place… I remember one night getting scared that I might not wake up the next  day.”  

The chaos inside her was also affecting her family. “It was 2013 and I was at the brink of a nervous  breakdown.” 

She Experiences the Healing Power of Talk Therapy and Meditation 

At the age of 37, Zahra met Madeline and began to heal through talk therapy. “One word: Trust. I finally  had someone who was completely objective and compassionate to sit there and just hear me out.”

Zahra says guided meditation was the most important tool Madeline gave her, especially for anxiety.

“I use it whenever I have challenges because I can quiet my mind… and then listen to it.”

This even helped her children during their pivotal teenage years.

“They were going through their  issues… I was able to be present for those things because of what Madeline did for me. ”

Thinking back, if Maddie wasn’t there, I don’t know if I would be alive today.

Madeline soon introduced her to Christina Maria, an herbalist who helped her overcome her pain pill addiction without resorting to rehab. Christina can be contacted at

Zahra Recovers, Transforming Her Life for the Better

Zahra began to see her life and relationships improve.

“The biggest thing Maddie did was show me that I’m a good person. That I’m worthy of love…”

She didn’t just find a therapist, but a guide who helped her muster the courage to face life head-on. “The thing I loved the most was becoming so strong, not being needy. I can stand on my own or be with my boyfriend. I can be single and I will be okay.”

Zahra recovered from her addiction and chronic panic attacks. She also transitioned away from her religious beliefs.

Over time, I began to feel free of guilt and fear of hell.

One of her favorite things about working with Madeline is that, “She’s just there, and I can trust in that compassion from her, knowing that she’s there for the good of me.

She’s not just doing a job or finishing a session with a client.” The most powerful change in Zahra’s life was the ability to be present with her family and enjoy each day.

“That’s the most priceless gift anyone can have.” Zahra hopes to pass on the blessing.

I have recommended so many people to her… I say, ‘You gotta go to Madeline. She’ll change your life.’ and I’m sure I’m not the only one.”

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