Meaningful Actions Get Intentions Crystallized…

Our New Voice invites guests of various ages and stages to open meaningful intergenerational conversations around identity, spiritual truth, music, and nature. We are sharing our voices to help us make more aligned choices in these deep dives to thrive. With heart to heart conversations, we build a new foundation for family harmony!

Everything has always been inside of me to live my destiny. All that comes vibrates, resonates in this co created reality as an intricate design of the universal intelligence for evolution. Using my natural gift to develop rapport and safety in conversation leads me to growing Our New Voice to share many perspectives to grow awareness to what drives our actions. As we circle up, the hope is to agree on values that can be the foundation for shared prayer. The shared prayer intended will grow meeting in the sweet spot, learning anothers perspective from a place of respect, compassion and gratitude for all. Acknowledging that each has experienced a unique unfolding of events to become who they truly are. (gratitude to all the voices)

We are beginning with the youngest and going up from there to practice listening to all ages and stages to soften and build from kindness and release defenses.

Our focus is on the integration of internal and external (Alchemy) to initiate an “Army of Divinity” Angels Ablaze deployed for authentic transparency. Co creating a shared reality where we are all free of mental constructs that divide us.

Imagine with us a way that your soul seed lives free to choose from values we come to, as we deepen our connection to the earth for humanity’s rebirth, as we release the me centric, we centric and groom green centric.. living from the heart….no us and them.

I Took an Adventure to Meet the Call

I took an adventure to meet the call for community and I arrived on a co created bus tour to make music and become informed of the ways the earth was being met. The songs of my heart grew from the inspiration of the road and the wisdom that came with it. I was real suspicious that we were all vibration and that sound had great power to heal us. Once in the experience I determined it was true. The ability to be authentic and transparent a powerful tuner as well as the people surrounding you as you grow. May we tune our instruments to vibrant health and prosperity through singing in harmony.. . The New Tooth Prayer


Thank you to all the lives that touched mine to help me remember the Rhyme inside me to guide me ,
for the music that carried me through so many ages and stages in my life school joys and rages.

Deep bows to the Earth, Wind, Water, Fire and the Magic filled sky for helping me with the why’s.

To the glorious story that grew me to exactly where I am. Able to be still and allow the will of Spirit to move through me in song, prayer and harmony


Take a rest, walk around, drink some water
listen to the whole album from the ears of your heart:
Best results in nature.

Dedicate this album to the children of the next 7 or more generations as a way to consider building a foundation on shared beliefs to harmonize and preserve the family.

“The Shadow of She that is Me” Short Film

Film made in 2018 featuring Madeline Thompson reflecting on her journey and her identity weaving in her songs from “The New Tooth Prayer” album. 17 minutes.

This short movie was created to integrate all aspects of me through my journey of becoming my current baby elder self. Thank you to Charlie Louise and Anna Diorio, from the “Inner Ground Workshop” for cleaning me up from the inside out.